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Today’s websites are supported by cookies in order to achieve the right user experience.

Cookies are pieces of data that

which can on the one hand help the operation of the given website, make it easier for the user to use it, and on the other hand collect data for further statistical and analytical purposes.

That’s how it was collected

information can help developers to optimize a website, for example, but these extracted data can even help make the website more convenient and secure.

By default

all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Safari, Edge) accept the use of cookies, but in addition, users must be given the option to manage and possibly DISABLE cookies. If a visitor decides that he does not want to accept the use of cookies upon reaching the given website, he can disable or change the settings for accepting cookies in the „help” menu of his browser.

However, it is worth knowing that

if we do not allow, possibly limit or PROHIBIT the use of cookies on the given website, the user experience may be reduced, and the service provided by the given website may deteriorate.