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A small business with big dreams and even bigger ambitions.
I am Erika Richter, owner of Golden Solution LLC.
For us, the most important thing is the satisfaction of our Amazon customers, because this is the key to our success and that of our manufacturers.
We want to develop our own branded, quality, verified product line in the home, kitchen, organization categories.
I know from my own experience how much a beautiful, easy to use, premium quality product can make everyday activities easier and our mood better.
We want to make everyday life easier and more pleasant with our products.


August 2023

Coordination and continuous contact with manufacturers.

Every detail is important and every small change can affect the final product.

Finally, the product is ready for production and sales begin.

July 2023

The website is born. All news in one place.

News about the company and contact information

can be found on our website.

June 2023

The first product is built.

The first product of the ECORG brand is still a secret, but will be officially launched soon.